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Automatic cluster flush system

The Cotswold Automatic Cluster Flush System is a very effective way of sanitizing the milking units between cows and so minimising the transfer of contagious mastitis organisms, with a clean cluster on every cow. Once it is activated by the vacuum signal, the cluster flush control module completes the cycle of two flushes, (water and peracetic acid 0.5%) leaving the cluster ready to put on the next cow.


Pressure cylinders


Flush sequence in motion

Product features: 

- Adapts to most manufacturers systems.

- Vigorous flushing action effectively sanitises milk tube, claw and liners.

- High flushing volume

- Unique pressure-cylinder system, giving consistent volumes of water and pressure of the entire installation.

- Unique anti-syphon valve system effectively preventing water/chemical mixture being sucked into milk line.

- Versions for swing-over parlours, high-level and low level double-up parlours, and rotary parlours.

Cluster flush in action:

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